Well, It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Been working a lot at my Call Center Job, and then doing uber/lyft after I get off work there most nights.  Keeping up on political crap seems to be a full time job. With Trumps battle of ego’s with Kim Jung Un, and then him lying out his ass all the time, makes me wonder if we need a bingo card for each week to see what lies he’s going to tell that week.

I do miss driving a truck. My complaint about driving a truck was that I didn’t have a life to do anything I wanted to do. Well, Working Full time at the call center, and doing uber/lyft too, it feels like I don’t have time to do anything either. I want to go on road trips to go take pictures. I want to visit friends and family. Hell, I want to visit places I never got to go when I was driving a truck too, but that still hasn’t happened.

I’ve got to get my life together. I can’t keep doing things the way I am, or I’m going to burn out, and burn out hard.

Well, that’s it for this post. I will try to make time to post more. Hopefully that works out.